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Shawn Ang Videoworks

Portfolio of Shawn Ang. As a videographer based in Singapore, Shawn works primarily on weddings and event coverage projects. 

Hi there!

My name is Shawn, born & bred in Singapore. I'm based here as a videographer and my work mostly revolves around weddings and events coverage, though I do take on projects in other fields from time to time, such as motion graphics and photography.  

I'm described by my friends as approachable and easy-going with a touch of eccentricity. I'm generally shy around new people I meet, but no worries; once things get going, we can talk about anything under the sun, no problem. 

If I’m not behind the editing table, I’m usually either outside enjoying a meal with friends or family, gaming, watching anime and TV series by the seasons, or working on my hobbies, which include but not limited to, photography, putting model kits together, and the VERY occasional exercise.

I feel that being behind the camera places me in a fantastic position to observe what goes on in my surroundings, especially people; the mannerisms of an individual, the expressions a they make as they interact with others and the environment, etc. My work takes on a journalistic and documentary style as I prefer to let events unfold naturally and go for the raw-and-real. 

I think everyone started out in pretty much the same way; being handed a camera to help record and capture an event, and then developing an interest and moving to bigger projects. I'm no different. To me it was an important job; recording memories, moments. Archiving them to be enjoyed and reminisced in the future. Watching the joy it brings to people as they appreciate moments precious to them, keeps me going.     

I look forward to work with you, to tell your story.

Shawn Ang


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