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Shawn Ang Videoworks

Portfolio of Shawn Ang. As a videographer based in Singapore, Shawn works primarily on weddings and event coverage projects. 

ROM, Pre-Wedding & Actual Day Videography

As my mentor and partner, David and I have worked together as a photo-video duo for weddings and events over the years. This time round, it's a little different, for it's finally David's turn to be in front of the camera instead of behind it! Congratulations, David & Yingying! Have a blessed and blissful marriage ahead!

Wei Hao and Lynn were kind enough to give me the chance to try my hand at pre-wedding videography prior to shooting for their big day. We had a good time retelling their love story, and definitely even more so, being there to capture them at their happiest moment. Congratulations, Wei Hao & Lynn and have a blessed and blissful marriage to 2017 and beyond!

I first met Stephanie when I was in Brisbane covering Tough Mudder Southeast Queensland earlier this year, and Jun Sheng when they took part in Tough Mudder Bali as a couple earlier this month. Spontaneous, full of funny antics and radiating with happiness, they bring joy and spread the smiles all around. Glad to have been there to capture these memorable moments, and had fun while at it too! And so, from Tough Mudder(s) to your special day! Congratulations, Jun Sheng & Stephanie, have a blessed and blissful marriage ahead!

I met Poh Ling while I was documenting a food shoot for her in 2015. Fast forward a year later and I saw myself having the opportunity to capture a significant moment in her life. "Those who know them would know that they loved to visit high places when they travel. They hoped to commemorate their special moment at somewhere really, really high up, and so here we are." The ceremony was held at 1-Altitude at One Raffles Place, possibly the highest point in Singapore.

This is a memorable shoot for me, partly because it is my first time shooting a military wedding. The events of the day are largely similar to a regular one, except for during the march-in. Two lines of soldiers enter the hall before the couple and line up along the aisle and raise their ceremonial swords. The final pair at the end of the aisle lowers them as the couple approaches, signifying a challenge to their love. Gilda and Kenneth are a lovely and cheerful couple. I had fun working with them and capturing them going through their big moments on their special day. Here's wishing them a blessed marriage!

Vincent & Jia Li actually tied the knot earlier in the year, but due to their very extensive family tree, their celebrations were split and held over the following months. This day is a milestone for them, the last of the celebrations for their friends in Singapore, and an affirmation of their love for each other in lasting years to come.

Deviating from the usual gatecrashing rituals most couples do, Ka Ming was subjected to a treasure hunt; find all the clues and be led to the room Lisa's in. They officially tied the knot in the church followed by a dinner reception.

An interview Daniel & Wan Teng, and find out how the two got together and finally decided to tie the knot. A collaboration by Shawn Ang & Royston Lee

This was my first time attending an Indian wedding, and my first time out of Singapore too! But beyond these two firsts, the ever-presence of strong family ties and well-wishes from loved ones made this lovingly chaotic celebration strangely familiar. It's joy, fun, laughter and hugs all around. I'm just so thankful to be part of Ranjiv's and Melinda's special day, celebrating a simple Punjabi wedding. The following day, we witnessed the solemnisation between Ranjiv and Melinda at the beautiful Tamarind Hill, with more hugs and well-wishes for the lovely couple. Congrats to the couple and many blessing to you!


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